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Edict Establishing the Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin:

Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin was established in September 1974 by the Kwara State Government Edict No. 15 of 1984.

The Edict took effect from the date the College was established. According to the Edict, the College was established primarily to organize and develop courses for the training of various categories of teachers, to promote research and advancement of science and learning, and to offer community services.

The Governor of the State is the Visitor to the College. The College has a Governing Council whose membership is made up of people appointed by the Governor, on the recommendations of the Hon. Commissioner of Education. The Governing Council is responsible for the general supervision and control of the College. The Council is assisted by Finance and General Purposes Committee, Appointment and Promotion Committee, the Tenders Board and Emergency Committee.

There is a Provost for the College who is the Administrative and Academic Head of the College. He is responsible for the execution of policy decisions of the Council. The Provost is appointed for a single term of five years. He is assisted by two Deputy Provosts appointed by the College Governing Council. The College Registrar, Bursar, Librarian and Director of Works are also appointed by the Council. The Principal Officers of the College assist the Provost in the running of the affairs of the College.

The College has an Academic Board with the Provost as the Chairman. He is supported by his Deputies, Deans of Schools, Directors of Centres, Heads of Departments and Chief Lecturers (who are neither Deans of Schools, Directors of Centres nor Heads of Departments). The Academic Board advises the Provost and the Council on the direction and management of academic matters, the regulation of students and award of certificates. It also fosters and encourages research activities and publications.