I am writing on behalf of the Kwara State College of Education, Model Secondary School, Ilorin, to address a recent social media post concerning alleged fraud involving our institution and a financial institution.

Contrary to the circulated information, the school has not terminated any of its accounts at the mentioned financial institution, where we have been maintaining two separate accounts since the establishment of the school in 1997. The subpar delivery of service by the bank in question has been a concern, with numerous staff members facing delays in accessing their monthly salaries.

In response to these challenges, after repeated complaints, the staff collectively approached the College Authority seeking approval to transition to a new generation bank with better service capabilities. The Authority granted approval, and new accounts were subsequently opened at another financial institution in October 2023. Since then, these accounts have been in operation seamlessly, providing efficient and reliable services.

Since assuming the position of Acting Principal in February 2022, I have not been contacted by any College Management or been involved in any diversion of funds to any corporate or individual accounts. On the contrary, the College Management consistently augments salaries, thereby facilitating prompt receipt of salaries by the staff.

The allegations of fraud are unfounded and lacking in merit. The school's accounts at both the initial financial institution and the new one are open for inspection.

Thank you.

Acting Principal