Voluntary Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from the College at any time on completion of the official withdrawal forms obtainable from the office of the Registrar. Such students may retain grades in the courses taken prior to the date of withdrawal. Students who withdraw voluntarily from the College, may, in order to be re-admitted, reapply to the Registrar who shall forward such application to the Academic Board for reconsideration.

Unauthorized Withdrawal

A student who cannot be traced by attendance of class, assignments, practical works and examinations for a semester shall be deemed to have absconded from the College; and would be regarded as having withdrawn from the College without the authority.

Withdrawal for Academic Reasons

A student who is asked to withdraw on the ground of poor academic performance shall do so at the end of the academic year and shall not be considered for readmission until the expiration of one academic year from the date of withdrawal.

Withdrawal on Health Reason

A student may withdraw or may be asked to withdraw for health reasons, certified by an approved Medical Officer. Such a student shall be readmitted into College on production of a valid medical certificate of fitness from an approved Medical Officer.

Disciplinary Withdrawal

A student who, as a disciplinary measure, is asked to withdraw shall never be readmitted into the College.

Time Limit for Re-admission

A student who withdraws from the College for any reason other than disciplinary measure, and who is not readmitted within a period of two consecutive years from the date of his/her withdrawal, shall not be credited with any courses taken prior to withdrawal, should he/she return to the College.
If the student returns to the College before the expiration of one year; all the grades he/she earned before withdrawal shall be credited to him/her. If, however, he/she returns after the expiration of one year, but before the expiration of two years, the Head of Department, subject to the approval of the Academic Board, shall make a general assessment of the students performance in the courses takes prior to withdrawal and recommend those courses that can be credited to him/her.


Probation is a status granted to a student whose academic performance falls below an acceptable standard. A student whose Cumulative Grade Point Average is below 1.00 at the end of a particular year of study, earns a period of probation for one academic session.


A candidate whose Cumulative Grade Point Average is below 1.00 at the end of particular period of probation should be required to withdraw from the College.