Date: Jan. 9, 2024

The Kwara State College of Education Ilorin held its first 2024 official congress with the College community on Tuesday, January 2024.

The Ag. Provost Dr. Ayinde Shehu Jawondo, welcoming the College community to the official opening of the 2023/2034 academics session appreciated the community for their endurance and perseverance towards the management despite the challenges faced in the College. He also urged the staff to continue loving and uplifting the institution, despite its delicate financial state.

He further announced the forthcoming convocation ceremonies aimed at marketing the institution to the public. The convocation is stipulated to be held on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd of January respectively.

Thereafter, the college Registrar, Honorable Yakubu Mohammed Abdullah admonished the staff to improve their general attitude towards work about efficiency and commitment to public service rule.

The Director of Works Engr. Aleshinloye also implored the staff to change their perception of the College positively. While the College Librarian Mrs. Hajara Abubakar appreciated the staff and prayed for better improvement of the College situation.

Availing members of the congress grounds to air their opinion, the COEASU Chairman, Muhammed Ndagi advised the Ag. Provost to endeavor to always state the purpose of meetings to its executive before the commencement for them to prepare the minds of the members. He, however, requested the date of December remuneration disbursement and the date for execution of the arrears of 2021 PAA, trust funds, and financial promotion backup of 2022 promotion.

Meanwhile, the SSUCOEN Chairman, Musa Mustapha appreciated the non-teaching staff and urged the Ag. Provost and its management team to suspend the rules of working days till all outstanding remuneration is paid. He further announced the looming NLC strike if the State Government refuses to attend to Labour Welfare requests after the 14-day ultimatum was declared.

The Chairman NASU also advised the members of the staff to instill fear of God in the discharge of their duties.

Among the attending lecturers, the Director of Professionalism Dr. Npoku Innocent implored the college community to maintain standards as the college accepts new programmes, thereby, emphasizing swift salary payment for better improvement of staff attitude and quality lecture delivery. He also urged all members to be campaigners for bringing more students into the college for better growth.

On the end note, the Ag. Provost appreciated all members of the college community for coming together to express their grievances and opinions and also stated that the staff should be patient in order to receive full salary payment and avoid percentage payment.