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Academic Calendar for the 2018/2019 Academic Session

The college has as its Academic Head, the Provost of the institution. He/she will be assisted by the Deputies. The Institution is divided into five schools with each school reflecting

related disciplines in Arts, the Sciences, and the vocations. At the head of each school is a Dean. The head of Department are responsible to the Deans and other Lectures are under the supervision of their heads of Department. At present, the colleges have five schools. These are school of Arts and Social Sciences, school of Languages, school of Education and School of Vocational Technical Education. These are the centres for continuing education higher studies and computer.

There is an Academic Board which takes change of all academic matters in the institution. The provost its Chairman, and the Deans of various school. Heads of Departments and Chief Lecturers are members.

The subject departments are distributed among the five schools. The two Deputy Provost are members of the academic board too.