Article Index

List of School and Their Constituent Departments:

  1. School of Art and Social Sciences:
    1. Department of History
    2. Department of Geography
    3. Department of Economics
    4. Department of Political Sciences
    5. Department of Islamic Studies
    6. Department if Christian Religious Studies
    7. Department of Social Studies
    8. Department of Music
  2. School of Education
    1. Department OF Educational Foundation
    2. Department of Educational Psychology
    3. Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology
    4. Department of Primary Education Studies
    5. Department of General Studies
    6. Department of Pre-NCE/Remedial
  3. School of Languages:
    1. Department of English
    2. Department of French
    3. Department of Nigerian Languages
    4. Department of Arabi
    5. Department of Arabic Medium
  4. School of Sciences
    1. Department of Physics
    2. Department of Chemistry
    3. Department of Biology
    4. Department of Integrated Sciences
    5. Department of Mathematics
    6. Department of Physical and Health Education
    7. Department of Computer Sciences
  5. School of Vocational and Technical Education
    1. Department of Home Economics
    2. Department of Agricultural Science
    3. Department of Fine and Applied Arts
    4. Department of Business Education
    5. Department of Technical Education
    6. Department of Computer Sciences
  6. Continuing Education Centre:
    1. N.C.E. Sandwich
    2. Preliminary NCE
    3. Remedial Programmes
    4. Diploma in Arabic
    5. Diploma in Christian Religious Studies
    6. Higher Diploma Arabic and Islamic Studies
    7. Higher Diploma inc Christian Religious Studies
    8. Pre-Diploma in Arabic
  7. Computer Centre and Consultancy Unit.
    1. Certificate/Diploma in Computer Programmes
    2. Certificate in Secretariat Studies
    3. Certificate in Fine and Applied Arts
    4. Certificate in Music
  8. Centre for University Affiliated Programme:
    1. B.A (Ed) Arabic, Christian Religious Student, English Studies, Music, Yoruba.
    2. B.Ed: Guidance and Counseling, Library Science, Nursery and Primary Education, Physical Education, Social Sciences.
    3. B.Sc (Ed) Sciences: Biology, chemistry, Computer Education, Health Education, Integrated Sciences, Mathematics, Physics.
    4. B.Sc (Ed) Social Sciences: Economic, Geography, Political Sciences.
    5. B.Sc (Ed) Vocational Education: Agriculture Education, Business Education, Home Economics, Technical Education.