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Departmental Requirements:
In addition to the College general requirements, candidates must satisfy the following respective departmental requirements.
1. Students who wish to offer English as a major teaching subject must have a Credit/Merit in English Language and at least, a pass in Literature in English at Senior School Certificate (SSC)/NECO Level.
2. Those who wish to offer Physics, Chemistry, Geography or Economics must, at least, have an O/Level pass in Mathematics.
3. Home Economics, Food and Nutrition or Family and Human Relationship Students must, at least, have a pass in one of these science subjects: Biology, Chemistry or Physics, plus a pass in Mathematics.
4. Business Education (Accounting Option): Accounting Education, Business Management: must have a Credit in Accounts and Mathematics plus Credit in Commerce and Economics.
5. Business Education (Secretarial Option): Candidate must have Credits at GCE O’ Level or WASC or NECO (SSC) in any of the following subjects: Typewriting, Shorthand, Business Methods, Introductory Management, Commerce and Economics.
6. Physical and Health Education (PHE): Candidates with Grade II Teachers Certificate (Passed) with Credit/Merit in P.H.E and a pass in any of the following General Sciences: Health Science, Agric, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. GCE O/L holders with Credit in any of the following science subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Integrated Science, Health Science, may also be considered for admission into NCE PHE.

NCE Arabic Medium
(a) Senior Islamic Studies Certificate (SISC)
(b) Thanawiyyah/Taojihiyyah Certificate from recognized Institutions in Nigeria.
(c) Candidates with Thanawiyyah Certificate from Arab countries shall be subjected to examination and interview before admission into the programme.
7. Social Studies: Those who wish to offer Social Studies must have Credit/Merit in Grade II Social Studies and any two of the following subjects: Government, Economics,

Geography and History.
8. Integrated Science: Credit/Merit in Integrated Science, General Science or in any one of the following: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics is a necessary condition for admission.
9. Technical Education: Federal Craft Certificate or City and Guilds or GCE (O/L)/WASSC or NECO (SSC) (with five passes at a sitting) or Teachers’ Grade II Certificate with minimum of two credits in any of the following: Wood Work, Metal Work, Block Laying and Connecting Electronics and Mechanics and at least, a pass in Technical Drawing plus a pass in Mathematics.
10. Accounting Option and Secretarial Studies (Option): The GCE (O/L)/WASSC or NECO (SSC) with at least passes in five papers at a sitting, two of which must be at credit level in the underlisted subjects or Teachers’ Grade II with at least two credits/merits in any of the underlisted subjects or RSA II or Pitman Examination (Intermediate) with passes in any two of the following: Accounts, Commerce, Typewriting, Shorthand, Introductory Management or Business Methods, Office Practice or Secretarial Studies, Economics and Mathematics.
11. Home Economics: Teachers’ Grade II Certificate or WASSC or NECO (SSC)/GCE ‘O’ Level, or SSC with at least five passes at a sitting. The passes must include one of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, General Science, Integrated Science, Health Science, and Agric Science, plus a credit pass in Home Economics and any other subject, with a pass in Mathematics.
12. Fine and Applied Arts: Candidate must have credit in Fine Arts and/ or Painting and Decoration. WASSC, or NECO (SSC) Grade II, GCE (O/L), SSC, City and Guilds or any other similar qualification.
13. Music:
i. Candidates must have a credit in Music at WASSC, Grade II, GCE, ‘O’ Level or any other qualifications or a pass in the departmental aptitude and auditioning test (practical and written) in lieu of credit/merit passes in Music at the Teachers’ Grade II Certificate examinations. GCE ‘O’ Level or the WASSC, or NECO (SSC), at least a pass in Mathematics is required.
ii. A pass in Music at the Teachers’ Grade II Certificate Examinations or WASC/GCE ‘O’ Level at SSC plus a pass in the departmental audition (practical and written) test in Music.
iii. The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) London Grade ii/iii/iv/v/vi/vii/viii theory certificate in lieu of credit/merit passes at the Teachers’ Grade II Certificate Examinations, GCE ‘O’ Level or the WASSC.
14. Primary Education: Grade II Teachers Certificate with at least three years post qualification teaching experience. All candidates must have at least a pass in English Language at Teachers’ Grade II Certificate or WASSC/GCE ‘O’ Level, SSC or IJMB ‘O’ Level.