This is to inform the students of Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin, that the College Management has approved the commencement of another semester named "Vacation Diet."

The vacation diet program is targeted at giving all students a second chance to make up for their carryover courses. During this vacation diet program, students who register for it will be able to retake the examinations they have deficiencies in during the first or second semester, as the case may be.

The vacation diet program shall come up once in every session, usually after the second-semester examination vacation break before the resumption of the next session.

To this end, the vacation diet for the 2023 session will commence immediately.

Interested students are asked to pay attention to the procedure below.

  • All students who wish to sit for the make-up exam will pay a compulsory registration fee of #3000 via the college portal only.
  • Each carryover course will cost #2,000 per course; therefore, the sum of #2,000 will be used to multiply the number of carryovers each student intends to sit for.
  • For example, a student who has two (2) carryover courses will pay the following fees:
  • #3000-naira registration fee plus #2000-naira x 2 = 4000 for two (2) courses failed, making the total of #7000 naira to be paid for the vacation diet program. The same calculation procedure should be used for students with three (3) carryovers and so on, payable only via the college portal.
  • After payment, the individual student is expected to print out three documents.
    • Two payment slips (the #3000 registration fee and the receipt of courses registered for in multiples of #2,000 naira)
    • The vacation diet course registration form.
  • Confirmation of the payment made for the vacation diet should be confirmed at the directorate of continuing education only.
  • Documentation of the course form should also be done at the directorate immediately at the Deputy Director (Remedial Program) office, after confirmation of such payment from the Directorate accountant.


  • Each student is expected to provide their WhatsApp number via the portal during registration for courses so that such students will be able to access further information on the examination date and results when they are released.
  • The Directorate of Continuing Education is located along Model Secondary, after the EKSU Student Complex, by Halls 9 and 10, in the SBRS Building, 2nd floor.

For more informationcontact:
Dr. Niyass, Abdul-ganiyy Abdullah
(Director-DCE): 08035021942
Dr. Bello Zakariyau Adebayo, Deputy Director, DCE (Remedial and Part-Time Program), 08036092412
Mr. Ibrahim,, H. B., Deputy Director, DCE (Examination), 08060224243