25th May 2023

The College Management, under the headship of the Acting Provost, Dr. I.S. Jawondo, has approved the commencement of the training of all NCE regular students for compulsory proficiency practical training on computer operations and their appreciation. Focusing on the basic 21st-century skills needed by a graduate, specifically in the teaching profession. This is aimed at producing teachers who are computer-compliant.

This implies that the college is now running in dual mode, i.e., after completion of the NCE program by a student, such a student is going home with two certificates (the NCE Certificate and the Computer Operations Proficiency Certificate in Five Major Areas).

To this end, 100-level students will have to compulsorily register for this computer training per semester. Payment has been made flexible for the students to pay up the sum of #5,000 per semester, starting from this current session (2022-2023).

The registration portal is now open for payment, as class begins immediately by resumption on every Saturday for 3 months, after which practical and CBT examinations will be used to evaluate students’ performance.

All first-year (100-level) students are hereby advised to proceed to the college portal online and make registration payment for "Computer Certification, confirm the payment at the bursary, and proceed to DCIT (Directorate of Communication Information and Technology) for documentation and collection of training manuals.

Other students who were not in year one can also apply at their own will and complete their program after they have graduated from the NCE program in their appropriate year of graduation, but they will still have to attend the training until they complete the courseware and get certified as well.

The registration timeline is open, and it is counting down. Any student who fails to register within the time-line will not graduate at the appropriate time until he or she finishes his or her courses in the computer science certification, meaning that failure for you to comply will fetch such a student an additional semester after graduating from the regular NCE program since it is a standing rule in the college now not to graduate a student who is not in computer compliance with certification or a digitally illiterate student.

Committee on the implementation of computer certification, COE, Ilorin

For more information, contact the following numbers:
Mr. Habeeb Amao: Chairman Implementation Committee (Director e-learning COE Ilorin): 09016822969
Dr. Zakariyau Adebayo Bello, Deputy Director, Directorate of Continuing Education (DCE), 08036092412
Mrs. Sefinat Muhammed-Thanni, Director, DCIT, 09082171715